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An experience to share a feeling as we understand it. Confront the everyday struggle of life where it feels like you don't have control. There are 2 possible good endings though there isn't meant to be an easy route to them. 

This game isn't meant to encompass how everyone has experienced a "loss of colour," but can at least be a reminder that you're not alone if you share any of these struggles. 

Potential Trigger Warning: This includes themes related to anxiety, depression and discouraging voices representing intrusive thoughts. If you're unsure if you can handle that right now please prioritize yourself over exploring this experience.

Sage Matthews

Lead Programmer

Game Designer

Matthew Holt


Game Designer

Jacob Vorstenbosch

Primary Backer


Sound Design - Vocals

Joshua Yehudaioff

Lead Game Designer

2D/3D Art

Moishe Grosh

Technical Sound Design

Sound Design - SFX



Return To Colour 225 MB

Install instructions

Unzip Return to Colour.zip

Launch Return to Colour.exe 

If Windows Defender labels it as an untrusted program, that's perfectly normal for all exe files.  Click Show more and then Run Anyway.


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I love this!! Good job!! :D